As a leading stamping company, Loxca has the unique design ability. Not only we can meet your requirement but we can provide professional advice. With over 2,000 tooling experience and more than 20 years experience in manufacturing, we are ready to tackle your challenges in new product development and cost effective manufacturing


Once designs are refined, we utilize our production equipment to produce prototype in as short as 24 hours. Prototype making and assemble are an extension of Loxca's design service and can also be a stand alone service.

We can generate 3D images of your product and its components from a sketch or sample. Our experienced engineers partner with your project team throughout the whole process to ensure our prototypes meet your standards of functionality, robustness, manufacturability and cost-effectiveness

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Despite striving for competitive pricing and on time delivery but we are also highly focusing on the standards of quality. Burrs control is a key factor in ensuring our products in precision, accuracy and correctness. 

We can achieve:

The thinnest component: 0.8mm
The smallest radius: 0.07mm (around  0.2mm in the industry)
The smallest tolerance: +/-0.01mm

We also have our plating line and capable of gold, silver, tin, nickel plating. It can also perform continuous plating and selective/spot plating. For gold playing, the thickest gold plating layer is over 50 micro inches. In terms of quality control, we equip with Oxford instruments CMI95P XRF thickness measurement machine to measure the plating thickness and can also identify different plating materials. We test the plated products up to 96 hours by using a salt spray water. being test and adhesion test are carried to ensure plating quality.


Loxca has over 90 stamping machines in total from Bruderer, Seyi and Tohatsu The stamping speed from Bruderer high speed presses can reach up to 800 shots per minute, pushing the monthly production capacity to over 200 million pieces.

We offer a complete range of precision metal stamping and value added assembly services from simple blanking tools to complex progressive stamping dies. With our presses ranging from 10 to 160 tonnes, it enables us to produce different shapes from dies custom designed, developed and engineered in our in-house tool and die department.

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